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We at TAG Registries (TAG) have added to the art industry what the automobile, real estate and jewelry industries have always had; a safe and secure system that protects artists, artwork, buyers and sellers. We are just like CarFax, the DMV and real estate title companies, but for art.  Users are able to check the status of artwork before they buy it; to make sure the piece is not lost, stolen, or a possible counterfeit. Owners are able to protect their investment by claiming ownership, while remaining anonymous at all times through special encrypted accounts. Buyers, sellers and brokers are able to transfer ownership on a platform that guaranties the safe transfer of funds and art. In addition,the TAG system relieves authenticators and artist organizations the impossible burden of authenticating every piece and making judgements with incredible legal ramifications. In short, the TAG Registry system keeps confidence high in each of its artists, and eliminates any skepticism surrounding the collection of their artwork.


If you are an artist, artist organization, publisher, or authenticator and are interested in having your own registry, please explore the Create a Registry and contact us at info@tagregistries.com.


(If you are a collector and have a piece you wish to claim ownership of (or) check the status of a piece, please go to Registries.)




Until now, there was no freely accessible, public database that showed that an artwork’s edition number, i.e. 34/200, was the only one in existence, and belonged to someone. Counterfeiters were able to forge the artwork and the edition number (as well as the receipts and authentication papers); and thieves were able to steal the artwork and pass on to unsuspecting buyers.

Current Events in the Art World

The only thing a victim could do was to report the artwork stolen with the police and to their insurance company.  The police had no way of recovering the piece because all a thief had to do to distinguish the stolen piece was to change the edition number. And the insurance companies have had no choice but to pay out on every single claim.  There has been no deterrent for thieves to stop stealing limited edition artwork.  And because of all the counterfeit pieces diluting the market, all the legitimate pieces are continually under suspect and cannot reach their true value.  The victims were never able to see easily and for free that their investment had clean title. This unending cycle has been a financial nightmare for owners, buyers, insurance companies and the art world in general. In fact, we are beginning to see artist authentication boards simply give up and close down. This vacuum needs to be filled by a system that works.

Solution: TAG Registries

Every limited edition has a unique edition number. Like a car with a VIN number on CarFax, each piece on the registry comes with a detailed status report.   In as little as 3 clicks, buyers and brokers can instantly search a registry to get to a piece’s edition number and see the status of that piece. It is always free for the public to browse and currently free for owners to register.

Example of Registry Entry

From the ‘My Registrations’ page, Registered Owners control all of their registered artwork from every artist in one spot. The edition number links directly to an encrypted account that is anonymously managed by the Registered Owner. Each ‘Action’ on the action tab puts owners in control of their investments and connects them to the appropriate and most recognized service providers in the industry. In addition, Registered Owners transfer ownership safely and securely on a platform that guarantees title transfer only when all monies are paid and all parties are satisfied.

The 'Actions' tab puts Registered Users in control of their Limited Editions
For more information, contact us at info@tagregistries.com.