Affiliate Opportunities for Auction Houses

The Auction House Affiliate Program is designed to provide your organization a potentially substantial residual revenue stream while providing an invaluable resource to art collectors.  Little to no effort is required on your part.  TAG will maintain and update the system.  All you have to do is endorse the TAG Registry System and encourage your customer base to register ownership of their print multiples at the time of registration for sale.


Example of Registries on Auction House Homepage

You will recognize numerous benefits for your organization when you launch the TAG Registry System on your site:

  • Create Additional Revenue Streams  -  Make twofold commissions on every registration, from the seller and buyer with minimal effort or investment of time.
  • Instantly Verify Ownership  -  Receive instant verification if the piece to be auctioned has been reported lost, stolen or under challenge as a counterfeit.
  • Added Value to the Limited Edition  –  Creates provenance (even though anonymous, documented for duration of registration within the system) which translates to higher buyer confidence = Higher Bids.
  • Registered Editions are Pre-Qualified For Sale  -  This will save time and expense for your company spent on due diligence if item is already registered in TAG System. Lower costs = Higher Profits.
  • Lower Labor Costs  –  Less research work when it comes to establishing provenance for items to be sold at auction, resulting in lower labor costs per item = Higher Profits.
  • Transact Business with Confidence  –  Documented ownership history will allow your company to auction items with confidence.
  • Drive Revenues  -  More private collectors will bid on lots with documented provenance info, which will drive up prices on individual lots.
  • Generate Goodwill  –  Create favorable views of your organization and goodwill from your customerbase.
  • Decreased Legal Issues – Minimize costly legal issues resulting from the sale of questionable, potentially counterfeit items.

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