Affiliate Opportunities for Insurance Companies

The Insurance Affiliate Program is designed to provide your organization with an additional residual revenue stream while providing an invaluable resource to art collectors. Little to no effort is required on your part. TAG will maintain and update the system. All you have to do is endorse the TAG Registry System and encourage your customer base to register ownership of their print multiples.


New Source of Revenue – Drive revenues by validating items that you currently insure and requiring all future items to be registered.

Instantly Verify Ownership – Receive instant verification if the print mulitple has been reported lost, stolen or under challenge as a counterfeit.

Limited Liability – Limit your liability by requesting that all items insured by your company have their ownership documented.

Increased Creditability – Gain creditability and the confidence of your customer base by providing an instantaneous, free provenance research tool for their use.

Protection – Protect your company’s exposure to counterfeit claims.

Insure Collectibles with Confidence – Documented ownership history will allow your company to insure items with confidence.

Decreased Legal Issues – Minimize costly legal issues resulting from the sale of questionable, potentially counterfeit items.

Generate Traffic – The advertising dollars that we spend promoting the Artist Registries will drive traffic to your website.

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