Affiliate Opportunities for Art Publications

The Art Publication Affiliate Program is designed to provide your organization with a residual revenue stream as a result of the invaluable resources provided by TAG to art collectors.  All you have to do is endorse the TAG Registry System by adding an Artist Registry tab to your navigation bar. PDF (5 pages)

Example of Artist Registry Links on Existing Site

Your organization will recognize numerous benefits by endorsing the TAG Registry System:

Create Additional Revenue Streams – Your revenue is based on a per click basis from the Artist Registry link on your navigation bar.  We can pay you for every click to the Artist Registry page, or we can pay you a larger percentage for EVERY piece registered via your organization.  This is tracked through cookies, and is for EVERY artist registry, which continue to grow every day.

Be a Recognized Part of the Solution – Help to combat the prolific outbreak of counterfeits and create a new standard for ownership documentation in the limited edition multiples market.

Educate your customer - Empower your Customers to make educated decisions by providing another instantaneous research tool.

Increased Creditability – Create favorable views of your organization and build on the confidence of your customer base by providing an instantaneous, free provenance research tool for their use.

Drive Traffic to your Site – We provide links to your publication, from all of our artist registries and our news feed.

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