Company Info

Tag Registries was created in 2007 by Scott L Shuster, Esq. with substantial input from Hitachi North America, Artnet, security programmers, patent attorneys, auction houses, art galleries, art dealers and private collectors.  Because of the uniqueness of art collecting – specifically the need of collector and seller anonymity, and the fact that this was a retrograde fix – it took over 3 years of development, to build the websites, software and database systems that solve the title ownership issues in the art world while protecting everyones’ interests.

Scott Shuster, Founder

There are an incredible amount of features that exist in the TAG System that are simply commonsense and exist in every industry except the art world until now.  Moreover, there are incredible features and functions that are unique for the art industry.  This system can be licensed out to artists, galleries, artist foundations, authenticators and/or insurance companies in various business model arrangements with TAG; or simply run by TAG alone.

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