Create a Registry – for Artists, Artist Foundations & Authenticators

Creating a registry for your artist will keep confidence high and eliminate the skepticism surrounding your artist in regards to counterfeit and ownership issues.  Our patented system is cloud based and user populated and policed.  That means, that you are not liable for anything, as all information is provided by the users themselves – you are simply providing the platform.  This platform can be incorporated into your own website as the “Catalogue Raisonne / Registry” or simply “Registry”.



Each artist registry is unique. For this reason, pricing is very subjective, but generally costs less than $7500 to set up.  This can be paid up front or come out of your future revenue from your registry. Once created, the registry is yours, with you deciding who has access.


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Creating  and Managing an Artist Registry

Create Design:  Designing the front end of your unique artist registry website. This can be done by us for you, with your final approval. Each client receives a fully customized design that is integrated into their existing website, if they have one. If you do not already have a site, we can help you to create an original site with a registry. Please feel free to view Artist Registries to see different custom designs we have made for other artists.


Examples of Front End Artist Registry


Create Catalogue Raisonne:  Simply upload your artist’s multiples, with all edition numbers, into the provided backend software for your artist registry. This can be done by us or you. If there is an existing catalogue raisonne, this step is easy. If one needs to be made, our software is the perfect cloud based platform to do so.  (Note: Collectors can always register pieces that are not in the catalogue raisonne, i.e. uniques, originals, etc. through the front end.)


Examples of Back End of Artist Registry


Managing Your Artist Registry:  Approve registrations. Every time somebody registers, you will get an email notifying you, and you will see the registration details inlcuding all the pics and documents that were submitted. At this time you will decide to approve or deny that piece into your artist registry.  As the system is free and user policed, we recommend approving all pieces, unless there is a clear discrepancy.  If an issue arises that 2 people are claiming ownership of the same piece, adjudication may be provided at your discretion.  In any event, the current owners and all future buyers are warned of an issue surrounding that piece, and they may adjudicate on their own.  We, you, and our legal team stress that our system is simply an online platform for public notification, and not liable for any judgements on pieces being approved or not approved. - Approve Registrations Example




Catalogue Raisonne Having a registry on your site will lend creditability, professionalism and reliability to your artist’s work and grow consumer confidence in your brand.


Be a Recognized Part of the Solution – Help to combat the prolific outbreak of counterfeits and create a new standard for ownership documentation in the limited edition multiples market.


ProtectionProtect your artist’s brand from counterfeiters and thieves by documenting and cataloguing all editions.


Connect with your CollectorsIdentify collectors of your brand and market directly to them.


Promote your ArtistGenerate additional marketing and exposure for your artist over the Internet.


Educate your Customer – Empower your customers to make educated purchasing decisions by providing an instantaneous research tool.


Increase the Value of your Artist – The transparency of a complete catalogue raisonne for multiples will help to drive the value of your brand.


Generate Traffic – The advertising dollars that we spend on promoting the Artist Registries will drive traffic to your foundation’s website.


New Revenue StreamsYour foundation can generate additional revenue for every multiple registered via your site.  In exchange for providing this link on your home page, we will share a portion of the registration revenue generated via your site.  In addition, we will direct all authentication traffic to you.




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